The Stanreco Retirement Plan Cash Balance Pension

The Stanreco Retirement Plan is a Ohio Cash Balance Pension located in Dayton, Ohio. It was founded on Friday, December 31, 1948.

600 Albany Street
Dayton, Ohio, 45417
United States
Phone: (937) 221-1000
Administrator Signatory
Lawrence Taschenberger
Administrator Signatory
Libby Hayes
Administrator Signatory
Sandra Brown
12-13 12-12 12-11
Inflows 32.19M 24.92M 29.10M
Employer Contributions 32.19M 24.92M 29.10M
Other Contributions (incl. Rollovers) - - 1.00K
Outflows 29.28M 37.65M 30.57M
Plan Asset Transfers (out) - - 1.45M
Direct Participant Distributions (incl. Rollovers) 29.28M 37.65M 29.12M
Net Capital Flow 2.91M -12.73M -1.48M
12-13 12-12 12-11
Assets 289.92M 268.92M 261.30M
Interest Bearing Cash - - -
Interests in Joint Ventures 74.52M 60.93M 62.17M
Corporate Debt 201.00K 301.00K 313.00K
Other Investments 17.00K 19.00K 18.00K
Common Stock 55.38M 47.48M 53.45M
Non-Interest Bearing Cash - 12.90M -
Employer Contribution Receivables 14.39M 6.90M 4.71M
Registered Investment Company Interests 120.89M 87.83M 115.03M
Other Receivables 250.00K 275.00K 178.00K
Preferred Corporate Debt 341.00K 374.00K 361.00K
U.S. Treasuries 65.00K - -
Common/Collective Trust Interests 23.87M 51.91M 25.07M
Liabilities 193.00K 627.00K 316.00K
Operating Payables - - -
Other Liabilities 193.00K 627.00K 316.00K
Net Assets 289.73M 268.29M 260.99M
12-13 12-12 12-11
Income 22.82M 23.54M -146.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Registered Investment Companies 10.10M 12.63M 1.89M
Interest 28.00K 30.00K 909.00K
Unrealized Appreciation (Depreciation) 7.71M 4.39M 6.25M
Realized Gains (Losses) 2.06M 2.79M -11.80M
Dividends 1.61M 2.18M 2.78M
Other Income 485.00K 863.00K 80.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Common/Collective Trusts 833.00K 661.00K -251.00K
Expenses 4.29M 3.50M 1.83M
Professional Fees - - -
Investment Management Fees 392.00K 1.25M 232.00K
Other Administrative Fees 3.90M 2.25M 1.60M
Net Income 18.53M 20.04M -1.98M
12-13 12-12 12-11
Participants 8502 8912 8851
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