National Shopmen Pension Fund Pension Plan

National Shopmen Pension Fund is a District of Columbia Pension Plan located in Washington, District of Columbia. It was founded on Thursday, March 20, 1969.

1750 New York Ave., N.W., Ste. 401
Washington, District of Columbia, 200065301
United States
Phone: (202) 383-4874
Administrator Signatory
Walter Wise
Administrator Signatory
Anthony Walencik
Administrator Signatory
John Kerr
06-14 06-13 06-12
Inflows 6.78M 9.56M 8.47M
Employer Contributions 6.78M 6.92M 7.68M
Other Contributions (incl. Rollovers) - 2.65M 793.00K
Outflows 32.72M 31.43M 31.11M
Direct Participant Distributions (incl. Rollovers) 32.72M 31.43M 31.11M
Net Capital Flow -25.93M -21.87M -22.64M
06-14 06-13 06-12
Assets 479.53M 441.86M 415.47M
Interests in Joint Ventures 2.25M 2.12M -
Corporate Debt 19.98M - -
Real and Other Property Used in Plan Operations 114.00K 125.00K 126.00K
Other Investments 10.62M 11.54M 9.89M
Common Stock 208.61M 197.84M 191.54M
Pooled Separate Account Interests 6.08M 5.88M 5.72M
Non-Interest Bearing Cash 2.42M 248.00K 204.00K
Employer Contribution Receivables 593.00K 511.00K 656.00K
Registered Investment Company Interests 92.11M 51.35M 47.17M
103-12 Investment Entity Interests 24.72M 26.64M 26.08M
Other Receivables 4.17M 7.36M 3.86M
Preferred Corporate Debt 21.13M 40.11M 38.45M
U.S. Treasuries 38.06M 52.55M 48.81M
Common/Collective Trust Interests 48.69M 45.60M 42.97M
Liabilities 2.00M 5.00M 417.00K
Operating Payables 404.00K 420.00K 390.00K
Other Liabilities 1.60M 4.58M 28.00K
Net Assets 477.53M 436.85M 415.06M
06-14 06-13 06-12
Income 70.88M 47.71M 8.79M
Net Gain (Loss) from Registered Investment Companies 6.62M 3.51M -1.50M
Interest 3.23M 3.54M 4.02M
Unrealized Appreciation (Depreciation) 15.37M 18.38M 3.72M
Realized Gains (Losses) 37.39M 14.04M -5.81M
Dividends 4.76M 4.69M 4.81M
Net Gain (Loss) from Pooled Separate Accounts 233.00K 206.00K 245.00K
Other Income -533.00K 242.00K 309.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Common/Collective Trusts 3.09M 3.10M 2.99M
Net Gain (Loss) from 103-12 Investment Entities 725.00K - -
Expenses 4.27M 4.04M 4.35M
Professional Fees 780.00K 686.00K 1.01M
Administrator Fees 1.03M 1.10M 1.09M
Investment Management Fees 2.00M 1.86M 1.83M
Other Administrative Fees 464.00K 398.00K 426.00K
Net Income 66.61M 43.67M 4.43M
06-14 06-13 06-12
Participants 13405 13744 13769
Inception Date
District of Columbia
Latest Filing
Plan Number