The Bob Jones University Retirement Fund 401(k) Plan

The Bob Jones University Retirement Fund is a South Carolina 401(k) Plan located in Greenville, South Carolina. It was founded on Thursday, June 01, 1989.

1700 Wade Hampton Blvd
Greenville, South Carolina, 296141000
United States
Phone: (864) 242-5100
Sponsor Signatory
Kennie Still
Sponsor Signatory
John Matthews
05-14 05-13 05-12
Inflows 1.86M 1.57M 2.21M
Employer Contributions 327.00K 338.00K 1.10M
Other Contributions (incl. Rollovers) 84.00K 5.00K -
Participant Contributions 1.46M 1.23M 1.11M
Outflows 4.41M 4.03M 3.04M
Direct Participant Distributions (incl. Rollovers) 4.41M 4.03M 3.00M
Deemed Distributions of Participant Loans - - 40.00K
Net Capital Flow -2.55M -2.45M -828.00K
05-14 05-13 05-12
Assets 54.03M 51.37M 47.84M
Registered Investment Company Interests 46.68M 43.62M 39.38M
Non-Interest Bearing Cash 100.00K 62.00K 5.00K
Common/Collective Trust Interests 6.70M 7.14M 7.82M
Participant Loans 555.00K 555.00K 633.00K
Liabilities 9.00K 6.00K 0
Benefit Claim Payables - 6.00K -
Other Liabilities 9.00K - -
Net Assets 54.02M 51.36M 47.84M
05-14 05-13 05-12
Income 5.37M 6.18M -1.04M
Net Gain (Loss) from Registered Investment Companies 3.50M 285.00K 48.00K
Interest 18.00K 20.00K 24.00K
Unrealized Appreciation (Depreciation) - 4.84M 230.00K
Realized Gains (Losses) 780.00K - -
Dividends 992.00K 932.00K 855.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Pooled Separate Accounts - - -
Other Income 65.00K 2.00K 54.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Common/Collective Trusts 26.00K 109.00K -2.25M
Expenses 168.00K 203.00K 213.00K
Professional Fees 168.00K 203.00K 213.00K
Administrator Fees - - -
Net Income 5.21M 5.98M -1.25M
05-14 05-13 05-12
Participants 1523 1443 1544
Inception Date
South Carolina
Latest Filing
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