Three Rivers Annuity Fund Profit Sharing Plan

Three Rivers Annuity Fund is a Pennsylvania Profit Sharing Plan located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded on Friday, June 01, 1973.

1200 Three Gateway Ctr
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 152221004
United States
Phone: (412) 471-2885
Administrator Signatory
Norman Ringer
Administrator Signatory
William Greer
Administrator Signatory
David Donkin
12-13 12-12 12-11
Inflows 7.62M 8.79M 11.88M
Employer Contributions 7.62M 8.79M 7.42M
Plan Asset Transfers (in) - - 4.47M
Outflows 7.96M 7.06M 7.34M
Direct Participant Distributions (incl. Rollovers) 6.49M 5.94M 5.46M
Deemed Distributions of Participant Loans 1.47M 1.12M 1.89M
Net Capital Flow -341.00K 1.73M 4.54M
12-13 12-12 12-11
Assets 134.06M 119.47M 108.97M
Interest Bearing Cash 897.00K 866.00K 1.07M
Other Investments - - 274.00K
Real and Other Property Used in Plan Operations 8.00K 7.00K 8.00K
Non-Interest Bearing Cash 380.00K 324.00K 4.28M
Employer Contribution Receivables 757.00K 888.00K 1.08M
Registered Investment Company Interests 71.13M 57.98M 48.30M
Other Receivables 57.00K 62.00K 55.00K
Participant Loans 4.94M 5.08M 5.16M
Common/Collective Trust Interests 55.89M 54.27M 48.75M
Liabilities 78.00K 84.00K 100.00K
Operating Payables 78.00K 84.00K 100.00K
Net Assets 133.99M 119.39M 108.88M
12-13 12-12 12-11
Income 15.33M 9.19M -402.00K
Dividends 3.38M 2.34M 1.54M
Net Gain (Loss) from Registered Investment Companies 8.43M 4.56M -2.85M
Other Income 374.00K 368.00K 183.00K
Net Gain (Loss) from Common/Collective Trusts 3.04M 1.78M 562.00K
Interest 114.00K 140.00K 167.00K
Expenses 398.00K 402.00K 397.00K
Professional Fees 31.00K 40.00K 44.00K
Administrator Fees 179.00K 179.00K 179.00K
Investment Management Fees 123.00K 114.00K 113.00K
Other Administrative Fees 66.00K 71.00K 62.00K
Net Income 14.93M 8.78M -799.00K
12-13 12-12 12-11
Participants 3354 3403 3442
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